Appointment Setting


We have more then 20 years experience in how best to execute appointment booking tasks. Let us take care of appointment setting, with both your existing and potential customers, for increased efficiency for your sales force and representatives. That way, our appointment setters fill the salespeople’s diaries with appointments of the highest quality so that they can focus on doing business. We offer two different ways of ordering appointments: A specific number of appointments, so-called ”Standard Appointments”, or continuous appointments booked over time by way of subscription, ”Subscription Appointments”.  We do this using targeted mailing lists, from which we pick out exactly the target group you wish to reach.

When we set appointments with your existing and potential customers, we obviously do this in your name and thus become part of your business. Your customers must always feel as if they are in direct contact with you when appointments are set.

Setting appointments is an art in itself, but setting appointments that lead to new business is an even greater art. Personal contact, professional reception and knowledge are crucial ingredients in the dialogue. All our agents have been working in the industry for many years and are genuine specialists in their fields, so you’re in safe hands when entrusting us to take care of your appointment setting.

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