Market Research


Market Research: Getting to know your customers and understanding your target group, or knowing how your


brand is perceived, can be absolutely crucial to the company’s sales success.It is much easier and safer to make the right business decision based on a clear picture of what the market and target group actually look like.

For this reason, we offer qualitative market studies, such as;

  • Customer-satisfaction-index (CSI)
  • Supplier-satisfaction-index (SSI)
  • Brand studies (BRS).

Of course, we can also provide customised market studies fully adapted to your requirements and what you need to know. The studies are carried out as telephone interviews or web surveys. We also take care of all the analysis work and guide you towards the right decision.

Boost the brand: A brand is extremely important to strengthen and look after. The stronger a brand you have, the easier it is to win the trust to become a supplier or partner for the target group.

New Business Performance helps you become the first organisation that springs to mind when people are searching for someone with a profile. That way, we ensure you climb up the rankings with those who are not currently your customers.  We increase the level of awareness for your brand by working the market in a goal-oriented way, over time. See us as a long-term partner in building your brand; one who can convert potential customers to buying customers and real business. Strengthening the brand is what will make you become Top of Mind!

Quality-assurance: Follow-up of a meeting is vital. To follow up, measure and provide feedback on the efforts of your salespeople creates better conditions for channelling new business to the company. It’s always good to ask yourself these questions – what is good and what could be better? How can my salespeople improve their conduct? Which details need to be polished? Allow us to follow up your sales-force’s performance by providing suggestions as to how to carry out customer meetings that lead to more business and better closings. Quality-assuring your work, simply put.

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